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4 Do's & Don'ts For Wedding Dress Shopping | Birch On Main Bridal | Huntsville, AL Wedding Dresses

Updated: Feb 14

They say you're not truly engaged until you have a ring, we like to think you're not quite a bride until you step into the gown of your dreams. Are you ready to find your dream wedding dress but don't know where to get started? We've got four wedding dress shopping tips to help make your wedding dress shopping as smooth as possible!

DO make sure that you give yourself enough time to shop

Did you know that we recommend shopping for your wedding dress 12 months before your wedding? It's true! Here is a sample timeline:

DON'T over shop

We get it -- you're excited and want to be sure that you find the perfect wedding dress but trying on tons of wedding dresses will lead to confusion and decision fatigue.

Instead, do your research before booking your appointment to find styles, designers, and details that fit your personality & wedding style. Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for start with ONE appointment at a bridal shop that carries designers you're loving or similar options. If you don't find what you are looking for at the first appointment, THEN make another appointment. Making too many appointments can lead to anxiety & potential cancellation fees if you end up finding the dress of your dreams. When you do the right research beforehand, you should only need to try on 4-7 dresses before you find THE ONE!

At Birch On Main, we have become known for our exclusive, modern bridal experience. We have designed a lush, intimate atmosphere for you and your guests and are thrilled to play a role in your happily-ever-after. We take pride in the one-on-one attention you will receive and our team of expert Bridal Stylists are passionate about sharing their industry knowledge as well as truly listening to your wedding vision. We want to be sure that we are getting everything just right for your Big Day!

Each dress in our bridal shop was hand-picked with our brides in mind and we carry a unique line of modern designers. No need to drive hours away to find a dress that fits your wedding vision -- we've got some of the top designers right here in Huntsville, AL.

DO bring the right people with you!

We've all seen an episode of Say Yes To The Dress where one person in the bride's entourage puts a damper on the whole experince. While you may want to believe that it could never happen to you, if you don't take time to consider the right team, your wedding dress shopping experince could be disappointing.

When considering who should join your appointment, we suggest bringing the following people;

The Person Paying For Your Dress - If you are paying for your dress, GREAT! If it is a parent, grandparent, fiancé, or other person, consider bringing them along so that they are able to pay for the dress the day you find it. If that isn't an option, consider discussing with them a clear budget & options for paying (ie sending a check, or being available to give a card over the phone) before the appointment.

The Person Who Is Your Voice of Reason - You want to be equipped with the person who knows you well and can keep you grounded (and maybe focused). This person will tell you what you need to know -- like maybe that puffy ballgown your childhood-self wanted doesn't really fit your adult-self style.

The Person Who Is Your Biggest Fan - Shopping for your wedding dress is all about finding what is perfect for you & your big day. Bring someone along who is going to hype you up, tell you how amazing you look, and will keep engery high when you start to get overwhelmed, anxious, or tired. They are probably going to be the one to cry with you when you finally say "YES"!

Think you might need to shop by yourself? No worries! At Birch On Main, our team is ready to be YOUR team. We will hype you up, listen to what you are loving & hating, take the pictures that you need, and could even shed a couple of happy tears when you find the dress of your dreams. You'll leave with a beautful wedding gown AND a group of brand new besties!

DON'T doubt yourself!

When trying wedding dresses, we suggest asking yourself three important questions; 1) Can I see myself walking down the aisle in this dress? 2) Do I feel the most beautiful in this dress? 3) If I walk away from this dress, will I keep thinking about it?

If you answer "yes" to these three questions, then ding, ding, ding you have a winner -- Trust your gut & say yes! Not every dress is going to be YOUR dress, but when it feels right then it probably is. Save yourself the confusion and heartbreak of walking away or trying on more dresses.

Ready to start your wedding dress search? Book an appointment with Birch On Main Bridal! We want to help you find the bridal look that is perfect for what you are dreaming about.


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