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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Budgets | Birch On Main Bridal | Huntsville, AL

You just got engaged -- YAY! Once you pick a wedding date and a wedding venue, it's time to start your search for the wedding dress of your dreams. The best place to start? Figuring out your wedding dress budget! In this article we've get everything that you need to know about how much you should plan to spend on your wedding dress.

First Things First: Do Your Research

The best thing that a bride can do before she starts her wedding dress search is to do her research! While scrolling and pinning wedding dresses can be fun, it doesn't offer a realistic idea of what your bridal vision can cost.

When you find a wedding dress that you love online, take it a step further to find the designer and explore their price range. The cost of a wedding dress can vary depending on several different factors such as style, fabrics, embellishments, customizations, and designer.

At Birch On Main, our prices range from $1,800 upwards of $7,000, with the majority of our wedding gowns hitting the popular $2,000 to $3,500 range. This process will give you more realistic picture of how much you will be spending on the wedding dress of your dreams!

Birch On Main Wedding Dresses in Huntsville, AL

Don't Forget Extras

Alterations and bridal accessories are an additional cost on top of your wedding dress so make sure that you factor them into your budget! Wedding dress alterations usually vary anywhere from $300-$1000, depending. When you purchase your dress at Birch On Main, we give you a list of recommended seamstresses local to Huntsville that do amazing work!

For bridal accessories (veil, shoes, jewelry, etc) we recommend budgeting an additional $750-$1500. Once you find the wedding dress of your dreams, don't forget to book an Accessories Appointment so that our team of experts can help you find the perfect accessories to completed your bridal look.

Birch On Main Bridal Wedding Dresses and Veils in Huntsville, AL

Get More For Less

Now that you've done the research, maybe you've realized that you have expensive taste but a limited budget? Last year we launched our sister store, Amari Bridal, as a way to make designer gowns accessible to more brides. Most bridal shops will have a sample sale once a year in order to make room for more inventory. We've now created a way from brides to shop sample sale prices year round!

Amari's inventory is a curated selection of designer sample gowns -- mostly discontinued gowns that have never left a store. This means that you could snag a dress that retails over $5000 for a fraction of the price! Find more information about Amari Bridal by visiting the website or finding us on Instagram.

Birch On Main Bridal Wedding Dresses in Huntsville, AL

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