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How To Choose The Wedding Dress of Your Dreams | Birch On Main Bridal | Huntsville, AL Wedding Gowns

Updated: Feb 14

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were five years old, or you’ve never thought about it until you said “YES” to your fiancé, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to choose your wedding dress.

Finding the perfect dress for your big day can be stressful. After all, this is probably your first time trying on wedding dresses, and it's usually the most expensive garment a woman will ever own, so the pressure can feel real during the wedding dress shopping process. Also, bridal is different from a typical retail shopping experience with different language, sizing, and things to consider for the big day. 

No matter your budget, wedding theme, or personal style, we’ve got 10 shopping tips that are guaranteed to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams!

Unique and Large Wedding Dress Selection at Birch On Main Bridal In Huntsville AL

1. Do Research

Rip pages out of magazines, explore on Pinterest, and check out what celebrity brides wore to compile a visual file of dresses and bridal styles you are loving. Once you have it all pulled together look for connections -- are they lacey, embellished, or clean? Do they have a certain neckline, material, or silhouette? Find a couple of commonalities that peak your interest and bring those ideas and images with you to your Birch On Main Bridal Appointment!

2. Stay Open

If we had a penny for every time a bride comes in with a set idea of what they want for a wedding dress then falls in love with something completely different instead, we’d have a lot of pennies! We recommend to all brides beginning their wedding dress search to keep an open mind. Our job as bridal stylists is to listen to what you’re saying (and sometimes what you are NOT saying) and use our expertise to find you the perfect dress. When you start with an open mind, it gives us the chance to show you a wide variety of dresses and maybe you’ll fall in love with something you didn’t know would be the dress of your dreams.

Bride Wedding Dress Shopping At Birch On Main Bridal in Huntsville AL

3. Brace Yourself For Bridal Sizing

Bridal sizing is mean and as your bridal stylist we will be the first ones to tell you that! For reference, bridal typically runs 2-3 sizes smaller than the average retail store. What we tell all of our brides is that after we decide on your size and get your dress ordered, there is no need to even think about that number ever again. All that matters is that you feel amazing on your big day -- no matter what silly little number is on your dress tag.

4. Shop Early

Our best advice for any bride is to start wedding dress shopping 10-12 months prior to your wedding day. Most designers take 4-6 months (some can take as long as 9 months) to produce the dress of your dreams. Once they arrive, you’ll then need alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Don’t wait or you could end up stressed & having to pay large rush fees!

5. Run The Numbers

We know that it can be an awkward conversation but trust us, taking time to discuss a budget BEFORE wedding dress shopping will prevent heartache and unnecessary stress. Before your Bridal Appointment, figure out who is paying for your gown and what a comfortable budget will be. Also, don’t forget to consider all factors in the costs of your bridal look. Alterations, accessories (ie veil, jewelry, hairpiece, belt, etc), and cleaning/preservation are additional costs.

Bride Trying On Wedding Dresses At Birch On Main Bridal in Huntsville AL

6. Know Your Wedding Theme Beforehand

No need to have everything decided before you start wedding dress shopping, however, it can be extremely helpful to have an idea of themes you love and want to embody. A few things to consider; Is your wedding going to be a formal affair or more casual? Are you having an outdoor or indoor wedding? What time of year is the wedding? What is the vibe of your wedding venue?

Two Friends Wedding Dress Shopping At Birch On Main Bridal in Huntsville AL

7. Choose Your Shopping Crew Wisely

We know that you love your mom, and sister, and best friend from the 6th grade, and mother-in-law, and aunt, and grandma, and all 11 of your bridesmaids -- but you may want to think twice before you invite them all to your Bridal Styling Appointment. We suggest bringing no more than 3-4 people whose opinions really matter to you and who you know will be honest, kind, and supportive!

8. Bring The Right Undergarments

While you might not want to purchase exactly what you need before you find the right dress, wearing the right undergarments while wedding dress shopping can prevent distraction and help you have a clearer picture of what you could look like on your Wedding Day. We suggest wearing nude underwear, a bra that won’t leave any skin marks, and bringing a good pair of Spanx.

Bride Trying On Wedding Dress and Veil at Birch On Main Bridal in Huntsville AL

9. Stay True To What You Love

It can be easy, especially for brides who want to please their friends and family, to give in to the many opinions and pick a dress that doesn’t exactly line up with your bridal vision. It’s crucial that you listen to your gut and say yes to the dress of YOUR dreams, not your mom, sister, or best friend’s dreams.

10. Make An Appointment 

At Birch On Main we are by appointment only and we offer two amazing Bridal Styling experiences for you to choose from! 

Bridal Styling Appointment

With the help of your personal bridal stylist, enjoy finding the gown of your dreams during this intimate appointment. Let our expert Bridal Stylists help guide you to the perfect fit as you discuss your wedding goals and bridal fashion needs. Bridal Styling Appointments last for 90 minutes and you can bring up to 4 guests with you.

Exclusive Bridal Appointment

Treat yourself with an Exclusive Bridal Appointment that includes local treats, a bottle of champagne, a bridal gift, and plenty of personal touches that will make shopping for your dream dress relaxing and fun! One of our expert Bridal Stylists will give you a one-on-one experience in our Exclusive Lounge set apart from the rest of the shop. Exclusive Bridal Appointments are $200, last for 2 hours, and can include up to 6 guests.

Book your wedding dress appointment HERE!

Brides Find Their Wedding Dress At Birch On Main Bridal in Huntsville AL


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